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Bit of Samurai History

I figured before I get into some of the more recent news in the Suzuki world, I should hit on some fun history highlights.


1988 - Suzuki Samurai “easily rolls over in turns.” This was the statement made by Consumer Reports magazine after the short course avoidance maneuvering test done by the Consumer Union.  It is something we all are pretty familiar with, because apparently it stuck.  When you talk to a non Suzuki enthusiast, it surprising how often you hear their opinions on how tippy Suzuki’s are, even when they have never driven one.  As expected this bold statement wound CR in court for 8 years.  Suzuki sued for $60 million based on damages to their reputation and the reputation of their current (1996) models. By 2004 they managed to come to some sort of mutual consentement, but CR has been backtracking their statements about Samurai’s ever since.


April 21, 2007 - Breaking the previous Guinness World Record for highest altitude attained by a four-wheeled vehicle,  Gonzalo Bravo and Eduardo Canales drove their modified Suzuki Samurai up to a grand total of 21,942 ft.  Their obstacle of choice, the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile.  This was the same volcano climbed by the previous record holder who made it to 21,804 ft in a Jeep, of all things.  Apparently Jeshcke, proud of his jeep and ‘knowing’ no other vehicle could ever attain such greatness, left behind a small sign that read “Jeep Parking Only”.  I’m sure Bravo hardly noticed as he ‘drove over it’ with his massive tires.


New Record Holder

- Froad’r

4 Responses to “Bit of Samurai History”

  1. Stephen Mayo Says:

    zuks are under rated as u stated in your comments I have a 88 zuk with alot of extras and have been looking for a site about zuks for a while now would like to add a pic of mine if possible let me know if I can thanks Stephen

  2. Froadr Says:

    We would love to add a pic of your zuk to our gallery and we welcome you to the ZUK-N-OVATIONS family!

  3. Gavin Says:

    that stunt CR pulled still pisses me off
    i mean comon!!!
    no moron would ever be able to turn the wheel like that in an “emergency maneuver” i was doing dougnuts in my in the rain earlier (lotta fun mignt i add) and it never felt like it was gonna flip. samurais are solid as rocks(if not more)
    sorry just had to rant about how much i hate those bastards ant CU

  4. Edward AntinoBiotmox Says:

    First of all congratulation for such a great site. I learned a lot reading article here today. I will make sure i visit this site once a day so i can learn more.

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