About Us

Grand Opening!

ZUK-N-OVATIONS is just what it sounds like - innovating the Suzuki aftermarket, and backing it with excellent customer service. That is our mission statement in a nutshell. I didn't just start ZNO because I had a good idea for a new product. I did it because I had the desire to create a company based entirely on building innovative options to customize your Suzuki, and create a new style of market place for finding the products that best compliment your specific Suzuki passion. Whether it be going on long adventurous excursions, traversing your way through the painfully brutal rocky terrain, or being snorkel deep in a slimy unforgiving mud, ZNO wants to help you find what you need to give your Zuk the edge to perform at it's best!

I can't say we have been around for 40 years like some of the other companies, but I can say that we do have years of experience in both general high speed prerunning as well as technical rock crawling. I bought my first Samurai because it was both small and inexpensive. I can still remember how absolutely amazed I was with it's capabilities even as a stock, beat up 4x4. Since then I have been through multiple suspension kits and have dumped thousands of dollars into making my Zuk fit my passion for off roading. I am currently in the middle of a major reconstruction of my rig in an attempt to make it competition ready. Of course that means I am taking it way too far so I will be investing in another, more 'tame', Suzuki for my everyday adventures. Finding such a Suzuki is becoming harder and harder though. I don't believe the rumors that say this fact is because they stopped making Samurai's for the US. Instead I believe it is because that in just the last couple of years, there has been a boom in overall interest in Suzuki's for a slew of reasons. I am having a hard time getting my hands on one before the hunters and farmers. Explain that! Those guys absolutely love them and will beat them to death before giving them up. That's a passion!

ZNO is currently located in Letha, ID. If your thinking that sounds like a nowhere town, you would be right. My entire family moved here from southern California in 2004. We were a little discouraged to leave the open desert of Ocatillo Wells and Truck Haven, but we soon found a whole new haven just an hour from our humble little town. With the Owyhee mountains at our back door, we have been able to enjoy some extreme rock crawling on an absolutely beautiful terrain. This has proven a perfect place to test, and retest, some of our new upcoming products.

I really appreciate all of our customers that have helped contribute to ZNO and the many friends I have made in the process of building this company. I hope to build a strong relationship with all of my customers and do everything I can to aid them in their own Suzuki projects!

Thank You,
Thomas Christensen